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Cannot get property id on null object



Execution aborted due to an unexpected error

 -- Check script '/home/jfellows/Documents/git/nf-core/taxprofiler/./workflows/../modules/nf-core/modules/kraken2/kraken2/' at line: 2 or see '.nextflow.log' file for more details


java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'id' on null object

Possible source

In most cases does exist, it is just not accessible by Nextflow in the way it expects to.

  • Input channels not correctly passed to a module
    • meta tuple is incorrectly nested (e.g. [[<meta>]] vs. [<meta>])
    • Other parts of an input channel are incorrectly nested e.g. [meta] [[reads1.fq, reads2.fq]] when should be [meta] [reads1.fq, reads2.fq]
  • Two separate input channels both have a tag (i.e., Nextflow doesn't know which one to take).
  • Can also occur when tag is specified the tag block of a module, but meta is not supplied as input.